Sadikur Rahman Rumen

Published on 11 January 2024 at 13:04

Md. Sadikur Rahman Rumen was born 22 June 1977 in Jamalpur village of Jagannathpur upazila under, Sunamganj district of Bangladesh.

He is a Bangladeshi poet, writer, critical essayist, journalist and editor-in-chief of 'PEN CRAFT' magazine. Co-edited literature: Drishti-Year 2000, Monthly magazine Muktadhara, 2013 (2020). Also quarterly literary magazine Alokit Daorai is present. Poems published in the commemorative book "Dhvani" of the International Poet Conference (2013).


Poems and biographies published in 15th volume 2023 of Wordsmith Editorial International Magazine and in Multi Art 8-9 volumes of juntos por las letras published from Argentina, poems and biographies of poets with 50 poets from different countries of the world.

He is also the co-editor of Biomemo Swadesh Mukh, (2021). Single Editing: Literature, Darpan (2020) and Shabdachasha, (2023).


A biographical research article published in Research Literary Journal "Laur". Published Collective Poems: Jagran (2017), Akankha (2021), Independence Mahanayak Sheikh Mujib (202), Haorpar's Poems (2021), Poetry Offering (2022), Single Book of Poetry: Kalpataru (2023).  Also, many of his writings have been published in many literary periodicals and online at home and abroad. He is still active writing in various print and electronic media.  And locally he is quite popular as a poet and literary critic.


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