Adanu Michaels

Published on 22 January 2023 at 20:48

Adanu Michaels is an author, mentor, and assistant publishing consultant for International Book World. He is the author of Voices from AfricaTrumpet of Rhapsody published by Ukiyoto Publishing, and co-author of Apocalypse Destruction. He created Mental Blinkers identifying uniting, encouraging young generation of African writers.



Q1. Introduce yourself

I am Adanu Michaels Fantasy, a poet with the heart of mother Africa. From the Idoma speaking nation of Benue state, my voice echoes from Nigeria and blessed with the ink of eternity, I'm blessed to be a poet and short story writer


Q2. What are the titles of your best selling/award winning/ latest or current books?

I have "Trumpet of Rhapsody" as my stand alone collection of poems and "Voices from Africa" An All African anthology compiled by my humble self


Q3. Have you won any awards, certificates, honors for your books?

I have earned several international recognition and earned certificates from outstanding writers platforms such as The Temples of impeccable writers and came second position in a poetry contest organized by an Indian writers forum


Q4. What are your hobbies when you are not writing?

When I am not writing I love playing handball game. I engage in conversations because I learn from them and I watch lots of movies


Q5. What advice would you give to upcoming authors?

The journey to becoming an author is really not an easy one, you will definitely meet circumstances that would make you want to give up but it's just the first step into your journey. Always stay focused with determination and never think of what benefits you would gain as an author. Do your best and the benefits will come at the right time.


Q6. Do you have special events such as book signings, book giveaways or contests?

I am yet to come up with a special event but in due time, there will be an event in my name.



Q7. When did you first become a writer and why?

I became a writer just before graduating from high school. At first I just see it as common inspiration but with the guidance of Life quide club (in my school) I was able to nurture it. I became a writer because I always feel there are many things I should say to people but have no opportunity, and would want to immortalize my name through my scripts even when I breathe my very last.


Q8. Share links to your books, blogs, websites, pertaining to your books.



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