Kelly Seibold

Published on 21 February 2023 at 08:47


Author Interview 


1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Kelly and I live in TN with my husband and our daughter. I love my family, traveling, and snow, even though we don't get it much where I live.


2. What are the titles of your bestselling/ award-winning/ latest or current books?

Beautiful Scars is probably my most popular. My latest is Discovering Him which is getting great early reviews.


3. Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, or sticker for your books?

Not yet!


4. What are your hobbies when you’re not writing?

I love reading and binge read things between writing the next story, although please don't look at my TBR

,and I love sports! I watch football during football season and baseball during baseball season. Go Braves and Titans! I love to read and binge read things between writing the next story.


5. What advice would you give to upcoming authors?

Don't release a book without any marketing. A mistake I made and paid for.


6. Do you have special events such as book signings, book giveaways, or contests?

My next signing is in June at a wine cellar. I'm really excited about it. Then I'll be at Graceland for "All Shook Up" in October.


7. When did you first become a writer? And why?

I first started writing 20 plus years ago. A few stories I started and then I got into writing General Hospital fanfiction and later Smallville fanfiction. The love stories I wanted weren't happening, so I wrote what I wanted.


8. Share the links to your books, blogs, websites, and any sources pertaining to your books.



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