Author, Binod Dawadi

Published on 4 May 2022 at 18:21

Author, Binod Dawadi


     He is Binod Dawadi from Purano Naikap 13, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed his Master’s Degree from Tribhuvan University in Major English. He likes to read and write literary forms. He has created many poems and stories. His hobbies are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, traveling, gardening, etc. He likes pets. He is a creative man he does not spends his time by doing nothing. He is always helping for the poor people. He can’t see the troubles and obstacles of the people. He believes that from the writing and from the art it is possible to change the knowledge and perspectives of the people towards any things. He loves his country Nepal very much. He has known many cultures of his country as well as foreign countries. He is always thinking wisely towards any things. He solves his problems by using his mind. He dreams to be a great man in his life.

     He has composed many stories and poems in many Anthologies. He has also already published his own poetry books which are The Power Of Words. Love and Life’s difficulties and Nature , Animals and Human Beings in Prodigy Published. He is also planning to publish his other books which are The Best Stories and War. Also other in his life. He writes in Nepali, and English magazines and Anthologies. He is working at day and night to be the successful writer. He wants to involve in each and every kinds of multiple activities. He is always seeking for the multiple good works in a time. He is very much active in distributing his knowledge in literature as well as in teaching and other social activities. He is very much dedicated towards his works. He  has also faced many kinds of challenges and difficulties in his life.

     His dream is to become a rich man in his life and to help the poor people in the society from his wealth. He always dreams very much big things. Some times they can’t be successful also but also he is never losing his hope in his life. He loves the pet animals, wild animals and nature he spends most of his times by looking at this kinds of the things. His vision is to change the society by knowledge so he is always working there by this. He wants to give englightement to the people through his education. 



The Love and Wish for All the Women and Mothers of the World


     Mother you are a girl. You are facing the life of the girl at your childhood. You are facing the life of the woman after your marriage. You are facing the difficulties and obstacles in your life. You are rearing and caring. You need to satisfy your husband. You need to satisfy your children. You need to give satisfaction to your family. You are the form of the God. Mother you also gave birth to me. Not only me mother’s you gave birth to the whole world. You have the power and strength of making children. Rearing them. Making them aware about their life. Teaching them always good moral lessons in a life to be a good man. Mother you are never doing other or indifference to your children.

When children are doing some mistakes. You are hiding that mistakes and taking that mistakes in your hand. You have the capability of taking the risks. You can handle any difficult situation in your life. You can win this world. You can do each and every thing in your life. You can give birth which is the most difficult work in this world. You can rear and care children until for your last breathe. You care and love children more than anyone in this world. Only women can know the pains of the women. Women you are God teaching the children good and bad. Making their aware of their problems and difficulties in their life. Your sacrifices and values could not be explained by these words.

     Your blood gives life to the baby. Your breathe gives life to the baby. Your body’s organs are helping you to work in excellence for the baby. After nine months of pregnancy your body composes and creates the shape of the body from the waters. It is the most magical thing. Then only you give birth. You are the greatest than anyone in this world. You are always wanting the bright future of your child. I am also one of the sons of the mother her name is Ambika Dawadi. I want to give billions thanks for my mother and thanks for the mothers of world. Who gave birth to a good son like me who will always praise and love about a women and mothers of the world? By realizing their contribution and their sacrifices towards our life. Mother I can’t give you anything.

     I have not any big contributions like yours like you gave in my life. Thank you for God for making women, father man and the mother. So we forgot the women and we always dominate and discriminate women’s in most part of the world. So we should love and care them. This is small love and wish for all the women and mothers of the world. They may have got difficulties and obstacles may God always brings happiness and success in their life. Their love and dedication may also continue to the future and will be immortal for the time when this Universe will exist.

Mother is happy and be good give birth, rare them and make their future bright.  Mothers you are welcome in this world and we all the children of this world want your sympathy and love. You are greater than any thing. Nothing can be compared as well as kept in your place. Your essence is so much in a life. There are many kinds of the happiness from your support in our life. You will be immortal in our life. We give our all thanks to all the women, girls, fathers’ men as well as mothers of this world.


©® Binod Dawadi


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