Poet and Novelist, Ndaba Sibanda

Published on 4 May 2022 at 18:30

Poet and Novelist, Ndaba Sibando



     Sibanda is a Bulawayo-born poet, novelist and nonfiction writer who has authored twenty-eight published books of various genres and persuasions and coauthored more than 100 published books.  Some of Ndaba`s works are found or forthcoming in  Page & Spine,  Piker Press , SCARLET LEAF REVIEW , Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Pangolin Review, Kalahari Review ,Botsotso, The Ofi Press Magazine, Hawaii Pacific Review, Deltona Howl, The song is, JONAH magazine, Saraba Magazine, Poetry Potion, Saraba Magazine,  The Borfski Press,  East Coast Literary Review and   Whispering Prairie Press. Sibanda has received the following nominations: the national arts merit awards (NAMA), the Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize, the Best of the Net Prose and the Pushcart Prize.


Let`s Dance, That’s Right!


On April 1, I noted a neat note

From a funny footballer of note,

It got me sitting on the edge of my stool,

It was curiously titled: from footballer to fool!

He wrote: I’ve been a victim of the day`s trickery,

Tricksters abound, my ground seemed slippery,

I’m fine now, they played the prank well, I was gullible,

They dribbled past me, sold me a dummy, incredible!

We`re fools, whether we dance, or not, so we might

as well dance, so goes a Japanese proverb, right?  


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Kitaka Alex
17 days ago

Among other styles I would comment on, I love the musicality in the poem both in tone and internal and end rythming. These render a reader to tune in, but at the same time, the diction meticulously chosen draws you to a subject, that for me, deals with who, and and what do we vibrate to, what is the irony in the rhythms of life.