Poet, Elisha EB Bala

Published on 21 May 2022 at 17:39

Elisha EB Bala


Elisha EB Bala is a published poet, writer and public speaker having more than four (4) thousand, five (5) hundred online followers within and outside Africa. A graduate of Pastoral Theology from the prestigious ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro in Kaduna-Nigeria who has been described as a rising African star by Samuella Conteh of Serra Leon.


Having bagged a certificate in Enterpreuship from Pan Atlantic University through the sponsorship of Creative Business Cup- CBC, EB is the CEO of EBink BlogSpot worldwide @ www.ebink.com.ng 





Type: Poem (Dedicated to the wild)


Thick trees in threes, wild flowers spring--

Nine fruits in each, so sweet, it kills.

No life, no breathe, nothing can live,

Only some ten who stare and deal.

Faces in white, no legs nor limbs_

Demons at last, who stare and deal.


Forest of awe, championed by ten--

Run while they chant- vultures for meals!

Tick-tock, Chick-chock, slowly they match__

Who then will come-- so they can catch?

Spirits who stare when mortals dare_

No shadows found, except for skulls.


A forest of ten demons!




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a month ago

Lovely piece.

Saviour Shedamang
a month ago

“so sweet, it kills”

“Who then will come, so they can catch”

These lines got to me.

Greater grace abound sir