Poet, Elisha EB Bala

Published on 21 May 2022 at 17:39

Elisha EB Bala


Elisha EB Bala is a published poet, writer and public speaker having more than four (4) thousand, five (5) hundred online followers within and outside Africa. A graduate of Pastoral Theology from the prestigious ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro in Kaduna-Nigeria who has been described as a rising African star by Samuella Conteh of Serra Leon.


Having bagged a certificate in Enterpreuship from Pan Atlantic University through the sponsorship of Creative Business Cup- CBC, EB is the CEO of EBink BlogSpot worldwide @ www.ebink.com.ng 





Type: Poem (Dedicated to the wild)


Thick trees in threes, wild flowers spring--

Nine fruits in each, so sweet, it kills.

No life, no breathe, nothing can live,

Only some ten who stare and deal.

Faces in white, no legs nor limbs_

Demons at last, who stare and deal.


Forest of awe, championed by ten--

Run while they chant- vultures for meals!

Tick-tock, Chick-chock, slowly they match__

Who then will come-- so they can catch?

Spirits who stare when mortals dare_

No shadows found, except for skulls.


A forest of ten demons!



At the eclipse of two souls, blood drips like rain drops"Piiii!" It's a whistle call for Ukraine and RussiaA poor cry here and a loud scream thereRivers flowed from Eden's best, only to water what oceans could not wetterUkraine here and Russia thereVladimir and her eyes were painted in red with anguish and anger clouding her nestsThe pen of Taras Shevchenko locked up her fears in the city of KyivWith affairs in tears, the dares are theirsAt the eclipse of two souls, blood drips like rain drops
A little 'boom' in Siberia and a little 'bam' in Chernihiv,No ears can belittle the little sounds of these clapsClaps of thunder mocking the fate of little childrenSounds of bazooka, bullets and steps of fallen knees vibrating the guts of the agedTrembling broken bones swallowed by dirt and death while the world only watched,As laughter was snubbed in the streets of every city with the shouts of "No!" and "Alas!"'Horror' was the word an old babushka said before she breath her last



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a year ago

Lovely piece.

Saviour Shedamang
a year ago

“so sweet, it kills”

“Who then will come, so they can catch”

These lines got to me.

Greater grace abound sir