Cries of the Echo One


Liam Berry is one of Michigan’s award-winning and best-selling authors. The city heart was intolerable for him and his writing career. After receiving a call from Aunt Sally, Liam’s hand is full with just more than writing books and telling incredible tales of fantasy. Lara Hart is missing. The investigation of the missing victim left unsolved for seven years. When Lara calls Liam begging for help, she declares a killer is keeping her captive in a sinister place, the author’s life shifted upside down. With sleepless nights, a plague tormenting his soul with misery, and a horrifying plead wrenching his every being, it obliges him to locate Lara Hart. Will Liam uncover the mystery in time before it’s too late? Or will his dreams of reconciliation and tranquilly forever shatter permanently? 

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Cries of the Echo One

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