The Warhead Hunters: Ace Kane Legend Immortals

Published on 24 May 2021 at 15:47

Maisie receives a call from her aunt, Isa Zomora, in Louisiana, New Orleans. The request dented an enormous break in The Bone Experiment. Ace Kane’s legend rises, and the zombie-vampire monster, an unusual breed, emerged from Texas Territory. New Orleans a fresh experience for the hunters, their race becomes dangerous.

Zombie-vampires, did they exist?

On The Road Again, the hunters’ motto set the devil destroying team into operation. They pledge to put an end to the flesh-eating demons, sweet revenge for the murders of their friends and family in the past.

But the hunters’ investigation turns up worse.

In New Orleans, Ace Kane discovers another immortal breed of zombie-vampires.

He meets Tessa-Quintella, a beautiful and powerful zombie-vampire. Along with their acquaintance, he meets voodoo priest, zombie-vampire named Marcus. The hunters’ battle twisted into true survival. These zombie-vampires carry something in their brains far advanced than intelligent.

Released September 3, 2021, on Amazon and Ukiyoto Publishing House Bookstore.



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