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Published on 29 December 2023 at 09:49

"Tiny Treasures" is a collection of timeless Telugu children's stories, thoughtfully translated into English while preserving their essence, cultural nuances, and moral lessons. This collection features a diverse array of stories that range from moral stories to children's issues/confusions, each handpicked for its ability to engage and entertain children. The book serves as a bridge between two cultures, exposing English speaking children to the rich heritage of Telugu literature, fostering cross-cultural understanding. Each story is accompanied by insightful commentary that explains cultural references, highlighting the significance of these stories in children's issues. Traditional children's stories often carry profound moral lessons. "Tiny Treasures" aims to entertain while subtly imparting values such as kindness, perseverance, and empathy.



Author Bio:


Johny Takkedasila is an Indian Telugu poet, writer, novelist, critic, and translator, born on 08.06.1991 in Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh, India. His literary journey, which began as a Telugu poet, has seen the publication of seven volumes of Telugu poetry, one collection of stories, two novels, and four books of criticism.


Currently, he writes literature not only in Telugu but also in Hindi and English. A Hindi volume titled "Zindagi Ke Heere" has been published. Additionally, he translated Telugu children's literature stories of different authors into English titles ‘Tiny Treasures’ and was published by the renowned publishing house ‘Ukiyota’ .


Johny Takkedasila has gained recognition for creating literature on various topics within Telugu literature. Notably, his long poems on Transgenders and rights of women have garnered significant acclaim.


He has addressed issues such as the gay community, illegal relationships, and the Devadasi system, with these topics being covered in three separate novels.


Johny Takkedasila has received numerous awards for his contributions. However, the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar for 2023(National Award) was awarded to "Vivechani," in the Telugu language.


His poetry has been featured in many international anthologies, and his stories and poetry have found a place in international magazines. In addition to writing in Telugu, Hindi, and English, he is also involved in translation.


Having published 20 books so far, with 15 more ready for printing, Johny Takkedasila’s literary work, especially at a young age, reflects a deep engagement with the struggles of the poor and marginalized sections of society.


His literary style appears to aim at making readers contemplate and sensitize society through a compelling narrative and style. Johny Takkedasila is involved in various forms of literary expression, including poetry, stories, novels, criticism, translation, and editing.


Educated up to MTech, he currently serves as the head of the Telugu department at an online literary platform called Pratilipi.


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