The Invisible Victory by Muje Bucpapaj

Published on 11 February 2024 at 12:14

In poems such as “The Wind’s Statue,” we find another irony: the violence was aimed at the poet, as he stands for all who require freedom of expression.  Yet the voices of the people survived in him, while the people themselves were murdered.  The victory is evident in the fact that, despite their deaths, they were not silenced, and that is because one survivor with a voice and a gift was not afraid.  Many more after me will sing praises of Mujë Buçpapaj’s great work.  The Invisible Victory is a gorgeous, timeless victory.




Field of solitude remaining

Ripe corn

Sprouting from children’s hands

Sun falling in marsh

Writing in vapour

Blowing wind

The girl giving in

In tall grass

Shrouded only by shadow

Love coming

From begging

Unspoken victories

Do not exist

But Harvesting

Is in forgetting waters


Not enough

For Men

For Men

To do good


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