Voices From Africa by Adanu Micheals

Published on 8 February 2024 at 14:30

The book African Child Anthology is a collection of poems and short stories from around the African Continent. It is a book where several writers write to bring out the beautiful cultures and traditions of the African Nation and it extends beyond this objective to also teach the young generation the true ways of Mother Africa, to revive the fading traditions of our people and to show the whole universe the beauty and pride of the African people. Away from the cultures and traditions, some writers also dived into addressing the ill fate of structures and circumstances in some of the African countries, emphasizing on the disheartening state of the Nation and therefore pointing out possible solutions to curbing the situation. 

However, aside from a few notable distinguished personalities who contributed to this anthology, majority of the contributing Authors are young African writers most of whom are students at the secondary school level and tertiary institutions. This anthology is also projected in showing to the world the potentials hidden in these young generation of African writers who have little or no opportunity to drive this big writing dream of theirs . it is no longer News that the educational standard in this new age is gradually dilapidating in most part of Africa as a result of student’s poor attitude to study and learn but here, we have proof to show that we can still boast of a new age Shakespeare, new age Alexander Pope and new age Wole Soyinka. African child anthology is not just a book; it is a hope for a united Nation and a better generation


Book link  https://notionpress.com/read-instantly/1367031


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