Elisa Rubini

Published on 27 February 2024 at 13:00


Today we bring to our readers the writer Elisa Rubini - Italy


1. Kosta: Introduce yourself (professional title such as author, novelist, poetry, publicist, etc.)

Rubini: Hello everyone, I'm Elisa Rubini, also known as Ely Gocce di Rugiada, and I'm pleased to share with you my passion and commitment in the roles of Social Manager and Social Strategist in the publishing field. In addition to this, I enthusiastically dedicate myself to the blogger world and I am an author of stress-relieving coloring books


2. Kosta: What is the name of your most popular book, project or event? 

Rubini: My most popular book is titled "Heart and Mandala", a stress-relieving coloring book with the central theme of the heart and its emotions. I am proud of how this project has reached and touched the emotional chords of so many readers, offering them an experience of relaxation through art.


3. Kosta: Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, or other accomplishments that you want to share with readers?

Rubini: At the moment, I have not participated in competitions or received any awards, certificates or honors. However, I am open to future opportunities and challenges that could bring further recognition to my work.


4. Kosta: What are your hobbies?

Rubini: Among my hobbies, in addition to writing and managing social media, I love art therapy, listening to music, reading and watching TV series


5. Kosta: What's the best thing about your successes?

Rubini: The most gratifying thing about my successes is seeing how my work can positively affect people's lives. The positive feedback and support from my community is a source of great satisfaction and motivates me to continue creating content that can inspire and bring joy


6. Kosta: Share links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place that showcases your work.

Rubini: To learn more about my work as an author and social manager, I invite you to visit the following pages:




Facebook profile:


Linkedin profile: 


Thank you for the interview Elisa and congratulations on the cover of the book. The wonderful colours attract and relax a lot. I wish you much success in your literary journey and as a "scholar" in the search for relaxation through symbiosis with literature and the magic of art that is in the beautiful colors. 




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