Kang Byeong Cheol

Published on 26 March 2024 at 07:52



1.Kosta: Hello Kang! Tell us about your important nomination for the prestigious Prize. What was your path to this?


Kang B Cheol: I was awarded the ‘PRIZES 2023: The International Best Poets & Translators’ by the International Poetry Translation And Research Centre and The Journal Of Rendetion Of International Poetry (Multilingual), endorsed by The Board of Directors of the World Union of Poetry Magazines.


I joined the World Union of Poetry Magazines WUPM, where prominent poets share their poetry. And I had chance publish my poems on the ‘Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly No.110’.


 2. Kosta: What is the main message you want to communicate through your writing?


Kang B Cheol: I seek to understand the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, to gain insight into the cycles of life. In the process, I aim to find beauty and express the profound emotional journey through poetry.


3. Kosta: What has been your biggest challenge in your journalistic or literary career and how did you overcome it?


Kang B Cheol: I knew I had a literary talent from a young age, and I found great joy in reading and writing. However, when I was young, financial difficulties made it challenging to find time for writing. I worked very hard to escape poverty. Now, I write comfortably and contribute columns and articles to five newspapers.


4. Kosta: Can you tell us about a significant experience or a moment that inspired you in your literary and promotional career?


Kang B Cheol: Usually, when I write poetry or short stories, I am not satisfied with the result. However, occasionally, the experience, much like a nightmare, of creating something exceptionally great fills me with confidence.


5. Kosta: How would you describe your writing style?


Kang B Cheol: While going about my daily life, when I experience significant emotional changes, I jot down important words or sentences. Later, I revisit them to write poetry or fiction. It's a highly beneficial method for me.


6. Kosta: What is your creative process when you create and write?


Kang B Cheol: I conceptualize significant events and flesh out characters and backgrounds. When writing poetry, I focus on factors that evoke emotional changes and aim to express my message clearly. Then, I embellish the emotions beautifully.


7.Kosta: Is there an artist or writer that you particularly admire or who has influenced you?


Kang B Cheol: I admire a famous poet from Taiwan, poet Mr. Lee Kuei-shien and aspire to learn his method of writing poetry.


8. Kosta: Do you have any future projects or new work in the pipeline that you would like to talk about?


Kang B Cheol: I want to translate anthologies of Taiwanese poets and introduce them to Korea. I am planning to introduce 100 Taiwanese poets.


9. Kosta: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to pursue a career in writing?


Kang B Cheol: Although personal preferences may differ, it would be beneficial for a poet to engage in extensive interactions with writers or poets who can discuss common topics together. This would help build a reputation as a poet.


10. Kosta: Is there anything else you'd like to share with readers or want to point out?


Kang B Cheol: I think reading poetry is like tasting tropical fruits. You can experience various flavors, and some fruits may not appeal to your taste or aesthetic preferences. Yet, others may enjoy those same fruits.


Kosta: Thank you very much for interview and availability.

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