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Published on 22 May 2022 at 09:18

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Coffee Talk Poetry

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Wole Achebe
a year ago


A sparrow leaps
In direction of the wind
And flies Eastward inwardly
And flips her wing
In the setting sun overray.

Vultures swallowed with wools,black!
They swoop around the four corners
Turning themselves upon flesh in the earth
Their wings are long and serrated
And leap against the soothing sky.

A sparrow floats!
Not minding the end of gravity
Yet she fears the distant range
And long for something free.

Vultures fly overhead
With no single fear of sight
They know no freedom
And strive with wildly hunt.

The sparrow sings
At the presence of dawn,
Still she trembles
For the coming of the creaking night.

They never sing,
Vultures loop in flight
And eat whatever corpse they see,
The only song they sang
Was the message of death coming.

Sparrows swerve downstream
And enjoy the peaceful breeze
Without their wings clipped
Without their feet tied,
Yet can rarely fly free.

Vultures swerve downstream
At a wavering instant shadow
They torment the swallows up
And can suddenly fly...flee!
But know nothing called free.

©Wole Achebe