A Merry Little Christmas in Montana



A newborn baby discovered in a dumpster behind a restaurant in New York on November 29, 1992. Brooklyn streets remained dirty. Homeless, but with good hearts, in their minds, they had no place to settle, no real meaning of life.

But when beautiful, redheaded, Cassie Williamson, traveled to Hamilton, Montana, life seemed to bring about a change for some.

Through life’s turmoil and major conditions, Cassie thought she escaped the odds. Her life full of hopes and dreams when she met a family packed with joy, warmth, and richest. Some welcomed her with open arms.

But someone is stalking Cassie.

And when family members turn up dead, in the hands of a casual killer, Cassie fights for survival. A merry little Christmas in Montana deemed shattered by heart stricken reality and deadly intentions at stakes.

A Merry Little Christmas in Montana

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