Confession of a Cowboy in Methow Valley


Sadie Nelson plunged down the cellar steps and sprang her ankle. Her stubbornness won’t oblige anybody else to help care for her two beautiful American Quarter, and Saddlebred horses named Ameera, and Wildflame.
And her best friend, Josephine Marsh, claims Sadie just needs someone to love her. The last thing Sadie’s thinking about is love. She runs an enormous ranch in Methow Valley, Washington, caring for mares, and other animals, just as stubborn as she is, but when Josephine goes behind her back and hires a handsome, rustic, looking cowboy to maintain the ranch, it’s tough for Sadie to keep from falling in love. She gets butterflies in her belly and a tingle in her heart when she sees the cowboy working hard with his shirt off, showing his smooth, baby chest, glistening in the autumn breeze.

Sadie discovers later Vincent Sweeney is just as stubborn, as her. The hired help serves great purpose around the ranch, but there’s something more to Vincent Sweeney.
Something terrible happened!

Sadie’s about to lose the ranch and the sprung ankle becomes more than just a sprung. Greedy outlaws surfaced from the distance, looking to take the ranch from her. She admits she needs more than just the handsome cowboy’s help around the ranch.

Confessions of a Cowboy in Methow Valley

A Christmas Wish in Methow Valley

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