Cause Without a Conscience


Detective Kate Prescott is plunged into a new web of murders. Deception involves lies, more secrets, and mistrust. People are turning up dead at Twin Rivers Asylum.

The question remains who’s the killer?

Cause without a conscience strikes in Seattle, Washington. An unsympathetic serial killer produces brutal homicides and punishes the asylum amongst the streets.  

Twin Rivers Asylum, occupants slain throughout the institution, Kate must uncover the killer’s ruthless tactics. Called to a grisly crime scene involving a beheaded patient inside her unit, police must discover when the killer will strike again.

Seattle Justice Police Department believes they’re dealing with a common a murder case, but something else sinister arises. Kate intertwines with a life and death situation… someone is after her.

Join Kate Prescott and her squadron investigators as they continue fighting misconduct in Tamikio L. Dooley’s, “Unlawful Deception Series “Cause without a Conscience Two.”

Cause without a Conscience

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