Forbidden Confessions


Forbidden Confessions, a hot and steamy, Erotica thriller, dark passion and romance, panties become wet in a deeper society craves money, sex, wealth, and drugs. Domination serves challenges for love and security secrets unleashed by middle-aged, upscale sugar daddies and daddy’s little girls, cougars, and set out on savage exploits. And the young and vulnerable are dying. The rich upcoming raised with silver spoons under their tongues, passion, lust, and greed seeps through their blood. When the initial victim, Charlie Barnett, winds up dead in his bedroom after a night of tortured passion, a crimson bow tie knotted around his neck with a handkerchief stuffed down his mouth, a fresh murder case develops. Everybody becomes a suspect. The killer’s identity develops into a shocking twist.

Forbidden Confessions

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