Ho amato Persino la pietra poesie by Tarana Turan Rahimli


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The book of poems "Ho Amato Persino La Pietra" by Tarana Turan Rahimli was published in Italy (2023). The book contains the poems of Azerbaijani poet Tarana Turan Rahimli on various topics. The book is on sale in many European bookstores.The poems were translated into Italian by Claudi Piccinno, a prominent contemporary Italian poet known in the world literary environment. The author of the foreword is the eminent Italian poet and psychologist Sergio Camellini. The book was published in Bologna by "Cuscino de Stelli" publishing house.


"Italy is different for me. I always remember with great love the beauty of its magnificent cities, I have seen a very successful synthesis of antiquity and modernity, I love its humanistic people, who belong to a unique nature, a different color, and whose character is a harmonious fusion of national and human values, which is priceless to me. , is a country FULL OF LOVE that brings sublime friendships. In Rome, the secrets of silenced antiquity reveal their tongues, in Puglia, the national values of Italians that have remained as they have been since the distant ages, in Taranto, modernity faithful to the grandeur of history, in the time-defying splendor of Castello Aragoness, in Bari, the unfading colors of millennia. , the traces of evolution since the Neanderthal man, the lullaby of the Adriatic Sea whose waves wash the golden shores in Brindisi, the legendary beauty of the fairy-tale Trulli houses in Alberobello coming back to memory... UNFORGETTABLE.  That's why the joy I feel about the publication of my book of poems in this mysterious country is different. The poems in the book were translated by my dear sister, an outstanding poet, translator and educator, an intellectual from Balonia, who I met from the international literature festival in Taranto, in Puglia, and with whom the bonds of friendship grew stronger over time. The book was published thanks to the efforts of this valuable friend. Dear Claudia, thank you very much for this wonderful meeting with Italian readers. I express my gratitude to the author of the foreword of my book, poet and psychologist Sergio Camellini (Sergio Camellini) for his profound writing and valuable thoughts about my poetry. Greetings and love to Italy. Azerbaijani poet and scientist, Associate Professor Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli"



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