Benjamin's Christmas Tale


A nineteenth-century Christmas tale of love and hate,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la!
“Oh, rubbish,” Benjamin Porter, proclaimed.
10-year-old Benjamin hates Christmas.

Holiday glee and gatherings along dampers his spirits. Benjamin’s biological mother abandoned him in an old, withered blanket at 6-months-old. Sam and Katherine Hoffman adopted him at 7-months-old on his birthday.
November 11, 1890. Benjamin adored Christmas holiday until he met Mr. Tinker, an old scrooge of an ugly green elf, determined to capture every child’s cheerful Christmas spirit.

Once Benjamin grew older, not only had he met Mr. Tinker, but he met the ghost of Christmas future, Benjamin torn between Mr. Tinker’s evil influence, and the ghost of Christmas future’s magic love.
Unfortunately, Mr. Tinker wishes to take Benjamin away forever to a place called The Land of Darkness. In the land filled with dark paths, ridges slopes, nasty forests, and houses made of dark shadows grasping good souls, the children shun Christmas. Mr. Tinker tricked them there, taking advantage of their befuddled minds. When Benjamin’s good friend, Chelsea Richardson turns up missing, he takes on a gruesome, but fantastic adventure! Can he save Chelsea and the other children from Mr. Tinker’s horrible plans to kill the Christmas spirit?

Benjamin’s Christmas Tale

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