Petals of Light by Rosy Gallace


I spent most of my childhood years and the better part of my youth basking in the luxuriant nature of my native land on a daily basis.I was inebriated by the scent of flowers and the taste of fruits and captivated by the bird songs. I communed with nature as I walked along the paths of ‘my’ forest - an ideal place for meditation, a trusted listener of the little secrets of my heart and that forest served as a sweet balsam to soothe me in my moments of melancholy. Ever since I moved to the busy, noisy, and frenetic region that is Lombardy, I now often feel a sense of growing nostalgia as I recall those soothing visions, the light of dawn and sunsets, and the clear transparencies of the sky.Today I often feel the vital need for the calmness of that time: to be able to listen to myself, to free my emotions, to draw inspiration from the looks, the gestures and stories of the people I met along the way.For this reason, in this book of poetry, you will often encounter a lot of nostalgia. You’ll also repeatedly read about the words ‘light’ and ‘silence’. Those words express the feelings that truly represent me and those words have accompanied me in many instances (sad or joyful state) of my existence.



ROSY GALLACEwas born in Guardavalle in the province of Catanzaro in Calabria and lives in Rescaldina, Milan. Since her youth, she cultivated a passion for writing poetry and stories. Beginning in 2011 she participated in national and international literary contests and won numerous prestigious awards, including the Culture Award in 2014. In the same year, she was evaluated by the Mayor of the city of Rescaldina, Professor Michele Cattaneo for her commitment to culture. Her works have been included in several anthologies of contemporary poetry. Rosy Gallace is the creator, organizer, and president of several literary contests and poetry reading sessions along with book presentations. She also juries various literary competitions. She has published several books of poetry. Some of her books have been translated into English and Albanian by the translator, poet and writer Irma Kurti.