Unchained Black Woman Wounds 2 Escape the Chains


In the original story “Unchained Black Woman Wounds,” the main character, Omphile Lesedi Abimbola, recounts the hardships of being a slave in Jackson, Mississippi.
She wasted no time in breaking free from the bonds that held her.
Quadejah Ford, another woman, shares her narrative of being a slave in the 1800s in Louisiana, New Orleans. It’s a story of survival and bravery, how she escaped the chains. Hear the stories of black women breaking free from the chains that bound them for years. A few women died. Other women liberated themselves, yet forever carry the memories of fragile vulnerability.
Quadejah Ford recounts the stories of Unchained Black Women escaping their wounds to break free. 

Unchained Black Woman Wounds 2 Escape the Chain

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