Transition by Ruth Joy Darling


The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. The theme of the first fifty poems of this book is lighthearted and humorous (with a little bit of sarcasm thrown in). Characters (if there are any), tend to be innocent, artless and child-like. Most of the poems here talk about the thrills of meeting for the first time, young love, and true love. In the latter part of the book (last fifty poems), transition starts to set in. In here, topics dwell on the dark and evil side of people's nature, unrequited love, dark desires, even suicide and death. This book serves as my transition from the normal yet mundane world of business to the magical, wonderful world of Poetry. I feel like I am transported to another world where I belong and where I can find solace. I should have written this book a long time ago, but as they say, it is never too late to do things you really love. I find it humbling and I am truly thankful that you choose to purchase this book. I am truly honoured and your trust will serve as my inspiration to further improve my craft. And like any works of fiction, all characters and situations are imaginary and purely a product of the writer's imagination.

RUTH JOY DARLING grew up in a mining community in Lutopan, Toledo City, Philippines. Her childhood days were spent communing with the beauty of nature and being attuned to it. Those days were filled with fun, laughter and adventure. Being an only child, Ruth is kind of an introvert by nature. She loves to watch from the sidelines as the world goes rushing by. She prefers taking a backseat in certain issues. But when push comes to shove, she usually extends a helping hand when no one is willing to take charge. As a teenager, she was into answering crossword puzzles and reading classic poems.

She is fond of puns and sarcastic humour. She loves books and music. She is often lost in the mystical world of music and in between the pages of a book.

Ruth Joy Darling's love for poetry and the written word hasn't stopped her from writing despite her being an accountant. Numbers are devoid of feelings whereas words can convey and elicit myriads of emotions. She has published two poetry books: “Transitions” and “Season of Poetry.” Her poems have been translated into Italian and Albanian by the poet, writer and translator IRMA KURTI.