Memories Are Linked Like Oases by Duane Vorhees


Memories Are Linked Like Oases by Duane Vorhees

A book of 129 poems that range from personal observations about human behaviour via physics and art/culture to perspectives on cites and politics.The book is divided into ten equal-length groupings of twelve poems each, plus a Fourwords and Afterwords section. An introduction titled On Reading a Poem for the First Time and an About the Author section (not written by the author) complete the interior.


Praise for the Book

Duane Vorhees uses moments from history and his story as a successful analogy for the state of humanity in general, with particular attention to the progression of feelings through time. Many of the poems in this collection feel pleasantly cryptic at first reading, but they often reveal themselves upon revisiting, moving from simplifications into specifics that justify the poet’s generalities. There is a great reverence for sound in these poems, too, which make good but sparse use of rhyme and assonance. Some of the poems are funny too. There is a strong theme of spiritual and political protest running down the stream of the collection, and it’s extremely refreshing to see the poet seamlessly transition from voice to voice.

—Dominic Francis, author God’s Pretty Game of Grotesque Puppets

DUANE VORHEES is an American poet in Thailand. He is the author of THE MANY LOVES OF DUANE VORHEES, HEAVEN, GIFT: GOD RUNS THROUGH ALL THESE ROOMS, MEMORIES ARE LINKED LIKE OASES, A CONSIDERABLE SHARE OF FELICITY, and THE WOMB AND THE BRAIN. Born in Farmersville, Ohio, USA, he graduated from Bowling Green State University with a doctorate in American Culture Studies. He has taught at Seoul National University, Korea University, and the Asian Division of the University of Maryland University College (now the University of Maryland Global Campus). He has traveled extensively on five continents.