Anime by Maria Cristina Buoso


A three-voice dialogue faced with a difficult choice that the protagonist must make.

The protagonist, through a long and difficult path, will come to understand his true "Soul" and will make a decision that will upset not only his life but also that of his family and through a sincere and deep confrontation they will understand what is really important to them.

Three "Souls" in comparison where love and mutual respect will be decisive in the final choice and where the "real" family is not the traditional one but the one inspired by love.

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Maria Cristina Buoso she was born in Rovigo - Italy and still lives there.

She wrote her first things when she was very young, she started with fairy tales and poems growing up and expanded her writing with short stories, scripts, novels, mysteries, thrillers and more.

She has received several awards in various fields in the past and has recently been awarded the Certificate of Collaborator of the China Writers Association and the Club of Readers of Oriental Culture and Chinese Literature, for her commitment to dissemination in her blog through Fiori Picco - (Flowers Peak)

with which she has been collaborating for several years.

Since January 2023 he has been one of the authors who write for Alessandria today Magazine - Pier Carlo Lava.