Deadlines by Norbert Góra


"Is humanity approaching its deadline?In a world of ever-mounting tension and uncertainty, we are often left to question how we got to this point and what lies ahead.Through artfully crafted language, internationally acclaimed poet Norbert Góra explores his unique perspective on our current condition and evokes profound beauty amid the dark realities of the modern world. His work adeptly expounds on the fatal flaws of society while maintaining an uncommon and indispensable sense of hope.In Deadlines, Góra offers a deeply insightful meditation on the human experience as we interact with the physical world, the constructs we have created, and our fellow denizens herein"

Erin Rutledge, Black Noise Magazine.

Norbert Góra is a 33 years old poet and writer from Poland. He is the author of more than 130 poems which have been published in poetry anthologies in USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Kenya and Australia.Norbert is also the author of four poetry books, written and published in English titled: Globe bathed in horror, Darkness in the End, There must be something between dark and light and Deadlines. As a poet, he observes the daily miracles of life with great interest, but he also draws attention to the dark spheres of our existence, like death or suffering.

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