Inner Reflections of the Muse by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


Preface What does it take to be a Fearless Wordsmith? It need not necessarily mean my writings should be fierce and unruly for along with the freedom of expression goes the responsibility of the writer to communicate with his readers effectively and fairly, to be able to touch lives and make them feel they are part of the stories, poems that you compose. I consider myself as a modernist writer and poet. I have my own writing style without conforming with the traditional, much like James Joyce’s “Stream Of Consciousness” but with my own twist. I am always left amazed when my constant readers ask me: “Was this piece written for me? I can very well relate to it.” If people can very well “see” or “feel” themselves in your compositions, then you have done your job effectively! Raw and real emotions are the things that embody a good write. I have always dreamt of becoming a writer even when I was just in my grade school days, being this once shy and quiet lass who prefers to just jot down notes rather than reciting in front of the class which makes me all jittery. I didn’t give up my dreams of becoming a published writer and it came true with the publication of my first international poetry book with a publisher from UK after winning an international competition last 2012. This is my second book and is a special collection of my works that have appeared on my blog site on Life, Love and Relationships, “Seasons and Reflections of The Muse”

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