Whisper of the Universe by Dr. Ana S. Gad


Nikola Tesla's life and work have inspired countless works of literature, from biographies and historical accounts to science fiction and speculative fiction. His enigmatic persona, revolutionary ideas, and often dramatic life events provide rich material for authors seeking to explore themes of innovation, genius, and the intersection of science and society. In fiction, Tesla has been portrayed as a character embodying eccentric brilliance, with stories sometimes delving into alternative histories or imagining futuristic technologies inspired by his inventions. Overall, Tesla's influence extends far beyond the realm of science and into the realm of imagination and creativity.
One of the recent literary tributes to the great inventor Nikola Tesla is the poem “Whisper of the Universe” which has just been published as an English edition by the Ukiyoto Publishing, written by the internationally acclaimed writer Dr. Ana S. Gad (pen name for the author Ana Stjelja).

Short intro to the book was written by the Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramović, the best connoisseur of the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

This poem beautifully captures the essence of Nikola Teslaʼs brilliance and the profound impact he had on the world. The imagery and symbolism used throughout evoke a sense of awe and wonder, reflecting Tesla’s pioneering spirit and his quest for knowledge and innovation. The poem also delves into deeper themes such as the connection between science and spirituality, the mysteries of the universe, and the enduring legacy of a visionary thinker. Overall, it’s a moving tribute to one of historyʼs greatest inventors and thinkers.

Dr. Ana S. Gad (Ana Stjelja) was born on 14 August 1982 in Belgrade, (Serbia). After finishing elementary school and graduating from Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium in Belgrade she enrolled in the Faculty of Philology at Belgrade University. In 2005 she graduated from Turkish Language and Literature. In 2009 she defended her master thesis titled "The Human and Divine Elements in the works of MawlānāJalāl ad-DīnRūmī and Yunus Emre”.

At the same Faculty she defended her doctoral thesis titled "Traditional and modern elements in the work of Jelena Dimitrijević". She writes poetry, short stories, haiku, aphorisms, poems for children, essays, travels. She also translates from English, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. Her poems in Portuguese are published in famous Brazilian literary portal. Her poems in English have been translated to Croatian language and published in Balkan Literary Herald magazine. Her poems in Spanish are published in two anthologies of poems published in Madrid 2007.

Many of her works have been published in various Serbian magazines and journals. She is a regular collaborator of the Nur magazine, official publication of Cultural Center of Islamic Republic of Iran in Belgrade. She is the creator and the editor of the website dedicated to Serbian writer Jelena Dimitrijević. She is among four Serbian writers who became the members of World Poets Society.

Whisper of the Universe: