Chronicles without City by Ilir Paja



“Chronicles without city” is the chronicle of the heartbeats of the characters cultivating big dreams in a confused and sad world, forgotten by the rest of the world. It’s an interesting look by the poet at the prose of life, where every forgotten person feels important. A novel where the narrative moves with the rhythm of a poem to point out some great truths of life and society. "Chronicles without city" is a novel about memory and from memory; even if a social majority, even if a historical period works against the city as an entity of good, of human, as an entity of beauty, the writer's memory through the novel's narration keeps the city alive with its sad stories, with its dramas and its human hemorrhages, with the beauty of dreams and the elegant melancholy of disappointments after temporary losses. The chronicle, which in this accomplished novel represents the event, the action and dignity, gives hope for the rebirth of the city, with its millennial sounds and colors. With this novel, Ilir Paja clearly appears as a capable archaeologist of everyday life, poetically investigating two seas, the aquatic and the human.

ILIR PAJA was born in the city of Durres in Albania on September 20, 1971. In the years 1991-1995 he graduated from the Faculty of Philology, in the Department of Linguistics and Literature. From 1995 onward he has been teaching the subject of Albanian literature and language in the high school "Naim Frashëri" in Durres. He has published several collections of poetry. His verses have been published in various newspapers and he has participated in many literary activities in Albania and abroad.