The Guide to Self-Healing the Mind


About the Book

The Guide to Self-Healing the Mind is a mind blogging process. Our mind must stimulate positivity to behave in productive ways. Diet and exercise are most common suggestions to self-esteem, energy, and creativity, but these suggestions may not serve as the best guided to individual lifestyle. To function without dieting and exercising, the mind should engage in constructive stimulation. Practice relaxing the mind is a wonderful self-healing process. This book shares natural self-healing suggestions literature, love, art, health, travel, food, mind, body, soul, health, and self-care. Individuals can practice peace and harmony, relaxing the mind. Tamikio L. Dooley shares significant information, exercises, checklists, challenges, and topics creating mindfulness guidelines, soothing the body, and maintaining a healthy, energetic way of life.

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The Guide to Self-Healing

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