Alex's Playroom: The Toy Box Killer


James Walker planted into a fresh murder case. After the death of one partner, James encounters a bizarre assassination of a victim with a missing face. The young girl butchered and discovered on the beach. James calls Seattle, Washington detectives, Kate Prescott, and Charlie Bond to help uncover a killer by the name of Alex, the monster known as, the Toy Box Killer. Alex obsessed with showing off his precious playroom. He dominates an antique toy shop selling ancient toys and extraordinary, collectible items. Possessing a personal capacity in the shop’ s third floor where he creates dolls, mannequins puppets, and alternative life size toys, something’s peculiar about Alex’s work. Is the toy store linked to the Atlantic City murders? With Seattle’s finest detectives supporting James, there is no breaking the organization taking down a brutal criminal. Join James Walker and Kate Prescott as they race against time taking down a madman haunting the lives of Atlantic City in Tamikio L. Dooley’s, Alex’s Playroom: the Toy Box Killer James Walker Chronicle Two. 

Alex’s Playroom: The Toy Box Killer 

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