The Forsaken The Warhead Hunters Two: A New Hunt for Blood


The Black Wings Soldiers’ escape devastated The Warhead Hunters, a new breed of hunters, seeking zombie blood. The party moves from town to town, trailing immortal attacks on humankind, when the new zombies hit closer to home for the hunters, Wimberley, Texas, familiar terror swipe them like a double-inch blade. Wounds and bruises never healed recollections for hunters’ recaptured moments. As General Ademar Staebler, the leader of the Black Wings Soldiers, introduces his dead army of savage mutants to the next blood trail, the hunters determined they had an unusual zombie breed to slice and dice. But events couldn’t get any worse for the hunters something much more sinister crosses their path, emerging from Coldfoot, Alaska. Zombie-Vampires, that’s what they are. A fresh hell fire blazing with blood and flesh, twisted minds of insanity, a hunger for blood so deep and vital, the hunters’ continue their strategies, wiping out apocalypse, bloodshed, preserving humanity.

The Forsaken 

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