Immortals: The Warhead Hunters Three: A New Hunt for Blood


Maisie receives a call from her aunt, Isa Zomora, in Louisiana, New Orleans. The request dented an enormous break in The Bone Experiment. Bloodsucking zombies, immortals, as vampire-zombies an unusual breed, emerge from Texas territory. New Orleans a fresh experience for the hunters, their race becomes poisonous.

Vampire-zombies, did they really exist?

Hell, yes.

On The Road Again, the hunters’ motto, they set out to destroy personal operations. They pledge to put an end to the flesh-eating demons, sweet revenge for the murders of their friends and family.

Ace Kane escapes to New Orleans and meets Tessa-Quintella, a beautiful and powerful vampire-zombie, along with her powerful acquaintances. The hunters’ battle twisted into true fight for survival. These vampire-zombies carry something in their blood farther advanced. And the hunters made a startling discovery traumatizing them for ongoing battle. 


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