Kings of the Serenity Throne One


Freedom rings in Era of Triumph Aeon Age of Serenity, The Kingdom of Norway, where kings and warriors fight to inherit The Serenity Throne, a powerful throne won in Battle of Integrity.

Prince Sebastian Nordholm fights kings and warriors to assemble upon The Serenity Throne, protecting The Kingdom of Norway from false prognosticators and evildoers. The country is heading for great danger if the German First King, Isaac Falkenberg and his warriors take over the throne. Possession of Holy Book, a guide to self-ruling the kingdom, and the throne, lies inside a hidden glass case.

Prince Sebastian Nordholm must not only disable First King Isaac Falkenberg and stop him and his warriors from inheriting The Serenity Throne, and Holy Book, but save The Kingdom of Norway from eternal annihilation. A beautiful Princess named Synne Stordahl becomes prisoner of First King Isaac Falkenberg’s evil motivation. Prince Sebastian Nordholm must save Princess Synne Stordhol as well as The Kingdom of Norway.

Twenty years later, Prince Sebastian Nordholm and Princess Synne Stordahl’s offspring produces princes and princess in The Kingdom of Norway. New chaos, greed, and the fight for survival, arise to higher degree. Princess marries scornful men, and princes take heed to selfish mistresses, and new queens’ falls in the hands of dominating kings. Was the fight for The Serenity Throne, Holy Book, and The Kingdom of Norway worth the fight?

Kings of the Serenity Throne:

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