Playground of Destiny


In Carl Scharwath's Playground of Destiny, the author’s yearning for something lost inhabits every page. His world is ethereal if not abstract, both modern and ancient, and there are times you feel a little lost, too, until a very human and heartbreaking phrase – Opening up to you/is easy as breathing – grounds you. This is art.
Frances Park, author of That Lonely Spell: Stories of Family, Friends & Love and When My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon

In “Playground of Destiny” Carl Scharwath proves his many talents. He combines his earthly and ethereal photographs with melodic poems, Haiku, and short stories. His multitalented accomplishments sing throughout this book.
His poem “Algor” describes all of us who search for our own meaning. “Like a winter landscape fearful / Of revealing what lies underneath / And I-one minute / Adrift from myself.”
This is a beautiful book.
Ann Christine Tabaka, Poet & Writer

Carl Scharwath’s Art and poems ignite footprints through a cuneiform path, delving into moments of existence, with keen perspicacity, while conveying sensitivities with a style of intense eloquence and language that will undoubtedly leave readers breathless and aesthetically contemplative.
Annette Nasser is a writer, nature and food photographer, and Founder/Editor of ILA MAGAZINE.

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Playground of Destiny