The Train to Krakow Izabella Poliakov Story


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A profound story in 1948, Poland, Krakow, a train arrived to the city filled with Jewish prisoners, tricked from the cruel hands of poverty and to leave their families for a better life. Izabella Poliakov aboard the train with her three younger sisters searching for a better life, always a daydream of belonging to a wealthy husband, Izabella came far within her influence after losing both parents in a house fire in Uman, a Jewish town.

On the faithful evening of October 1, 1948, Izabella and her three sisters were taken into bondage by a man name Eryk Konik and his Krakow army. The Krakow men searched for obedient wives, and Krakow women searching for hardworking men to care for their homes, but all of this laden with cruel treatment. Izabella’s harsh treatments change her life forever.

She was forced to marry Eryk, Izabella buried in a horrific nightmare and her three sisters taken by the filthy hands of Eryk’s army. Three years later with three children, she learned to survive horrible allegations and harsh treatment concerning her husband and his past. Further secrets emerged destroying her life traveling toward glorious journey.

The Train to Krakow Izabella Poliavok Story


The Train Krakow Izabella Poliakov Story

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