The Perfect Autumn Poetry


The Perfect Autumn Poetry, a heartfelt story and poetry of the rust-colored leaves sweep across the olive meadow, long squandering its summertime filled wisdom, temperamental dreams, yet withering away with the approaching autumn of divulging shade.

Samantha Murray devotes her days in the September nourishments of her cozy autumn home, sweet harmonies of poetry and music to her ears, and someone sings to her lone moments.

Soothing melodies of the autumn petals, carried across the countryside by the whispering breeze, Samantha’s curiosity for the perfect autumn increases.

Samantha ignites her passion as an author, launching a new book after years of writer’s block. She composes her dreams, love for music, and poetry at the start of the perfect autumn.

Released October 2023, on Amazon, and Ukiyoto Publishing Bookstore.