Upcoming Release - A Murder at Seaside

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Award-Winning Author, the Author of The Woman on the Shore, My Skin Is Beautiful, the Train to Krakow, The Perfect Autumn Poetry, and In the Heart of December

A woman is missing. A man turns up murdered in his hotel suite. And two other guests discovered murdered.

Three years after the horrific tragedy, Victoria Barry-Knotts married detective, Fred Knotts. They became proprietors of the Seaside Hotel. Seaside Hotel developed into a beautiful eight story building reserved for guests and family taking summertime vacations.

The missing woman and murdered man raise questions and everyone searches for answers. To make matters worse, Victoria encounters a mysterious woman she doesn’t remember checking into the hotel. She recalls seeing the woman somewhere before, but she couldn’t recall where.

Victoria soon discovers the mysterious woman's identity and another shocking revelation unravels, along with the killer’s identity.

Released in October, on Amazon.com, and Ukityoto Publishing.