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Published on 24 May 2024 at 10:57

Zaneta Varnado Johns is a Pushcart Nominee and 5-time bestselling author of three poetry collections and the What Matters Journal. She is a coauthor in Voices of the 21st Century (2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024). Her poems are featured as the Dedication page in these #1 international bestselling publications. Johns’ writing offers hope as she stirs the reader’s consciousness about life and living. Johns is an editor for Fine Lines and an administrator for the Passion of Poetry. Her poems appear in numerous anthologies and international publications. Johns is a Denver Dress for Success “Your Hour Her Power” 2024 Honoree.

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  1. Introduce yourself. What is your title in the literature world such as an author, poet, novelist, etc?


I am Zaneta Varnado Johns, aka, Zan Johns. I am a creative writer with a passion for poetry. I have written short essays and articles as a contributor to collaborative books and literary journals. I fondly call myself a truth-telling vessel of love, light and grace. My tagline is Touching the world line by line.


  1. What is the title and genre of your most popular book?


Although my debut book, Poetic Forecast, was a #1 Amazon bestseller in six categories, my latest poetry book, Encore, was published by popular demand. Encore is my third poetry collection. I was invited to discuss Encore on Spotlight Network TV with Emmy Award winning journalist Logan Crawford. After my feature, the team at Atticus Publishing discussed Encore in a press release. Following is an excerpt from the press release:


“Encore” is more than just a collection of poems—it is a symphony of emotion, a tapestry woven from the threads of Johns' own life experiences and observations of the world around her. From the romantic musings that open the collection to the poignant reflections on contemporary issues, each poem in "Encore" is a masterpiece in its own right…

With "Encore," Zaneta Varnado Johns solidifies her place as one of the preeminent voices in contemporary poetry. Her accolades and achievements speak for themselves, but it is her unwavering commitment to using her talent to uplift and inspire others that truly sets her apart. Through her poetry, Johns offers readers a glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the human experience, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds…

As readers turn the final page, they are left with a renewed sense of purpose and a profound appreciation for the power of poetry to touch hearts and change lives.

                        ~Atticus Publishing~

Full Press Release available here:


  1. Have your book won any awards, certificates, stickers, or recognitions for its outstanding contribution toward the literature community?


Encore was nominated by my publisher, Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld of Prolific Pulse Press, LLC, for Pulitzer Prize consideration. Although it was not selected, by way of the recommendation, I was honored, and Encore is a remarkable treasure for the literary community. Many of the themes found within the book mirror those lauded by the 2024 Pulitzer Prize Committee, e.g.environment,humanity,social justice, hunger, women’s rights, etc.


I generally do not submit my books for awards and recognition. My primary purpose is to celebrate others and illuminate contemporary issues that require attention. Humbly, I let my light shine through my writing and public engagement.


  1. Share your book synopsis (book description) with the interested audience.


Encore: A Collection of Poetry by Zaneta Varnado Johns

Foreword by Chyrel J. Jackson

Back Cover Blurb by Sarfraz Ahmed


In response to the loud applause garnered by her two previous poetry collections, Zaneta Varnado Johns presents Encore: A Collection of Poetry. Featuring ninety-nine select poems, Encore is a gift from the author’s heart. In the book’s Dedication, Johns states, “For every relative, friend, poet, and organizational leader who pushed, prodded, nudged, and encouraged me: this one’s for you. I titled this book to acknowledge your applause. I heard it. I loved it. I responded. This is your encore—from my heart to yours.” Some poems, previously featured globally in anthologies, make an encore appearance in this collection.


Encore begins with romantic musings and essences sparked by the poet’s life and thoughtful interpretations of the lives of others. Poetic threads are woven through lyrics inspired by favored locales. From Hawaii to Boston’s Cape Cod, Colorado to Greece, Johns writes as she marvels at her surroundings and experiences. Her compassion for people is beautifully expressed either as poetic observations or unique tributes found in the chapter titled, “In Awe.”


Johns imparts the spirit of Hawaii’s aloha in Encore’s message. “My Walk Along the Ocean” and “Blessed Life” are examples of poems reflecting tranquil moments of immense gratitude. Encore’s expressions are accompanied by complementary images and quotes—the poet’s signature accent found in her two previous collections. With Encore: A Collection of Poetry, Zaneta Varnado Johns leaves an indelible mark with every word and artistic rendering.


Encore Purchase Links:


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  1. Discuss your book freely. Tell the interested audience what makes your book so unique?


Encore is an expressive account of our human condition. It is difficult to put this book down once you start reading it. My expressionsabout hunger, gun violence, women's empowerment, prejudice, and other contemporary issues are a caring call to action. Anyone with a heart will be stirred by “Hunger, a Global Tragedy” and “It Has to Stop,” two poignant poems illuminating the realities of hunger and my gut-wrenching reaction to yet another senseless school shooting.


Numerous poems throughout Encore were previously published in global anthologies. Some are award-winning expressions such as, “Why I Write,” which received the Passion of Poetry’s Grand Champion prize for a writing prompt contest in April 2023. Two poems, “Empty Nest” and “Honoring My Mother,” earnedmy selection as the Passion of Poetry’s Poet of the Week on April 9, 2023, and May 21, 2023, respectively.“Soaring Intently” is a poem commissioned by the Women Speakers Association’s Founder and CEO Gail Watson for the Dedication page of Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World. My prose poem, "She Speaks for Me," is a masterpiece that showcases renowned African and African American women poets, iconic and contemporary, who inspire my writing.


The Foreword by bestselling poet Chyrel J. Jackson is exceptional, as is the Back Cover Blurb written by United Kingdom’s celebrated poet Sarfraz Ahmed. It is particularly rewarding

thatother respected creativesgenerously applaud and support my work. I am proud of the book cover design by Kelli Jackson, my daughter. The cover accurately reflects my intentions. I initially wanted a colorful cover; however, after seeing Kelli’s interpretation of my book and desires, I embraced her design.


  1. Share your hobbies when you’re not writing and engaging with the literature community.


Before I became completely engrossed in writing, I made beaded jewelry. However, I do not spend much time on this hobby except to make an occasional gift.


I enjoy walking, reading and live music. I travel as much as possible with family and friends. My simplest pleasure is spending time in my back yard, especially my swing.


  1. What is the link, author page, website, or blog associated with your book?


My website is

            Note: Autographed copies available via my website

The link to my author pages are:



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