Dibran Fylli

Published on 13 February 2024 at 10:46



  1. Introduce yourself (professional title such as author, novelist, poetry, publicist, etc.)

My name is Dibran Fylli, my profession is director/actor, and as far as literature is concerned I tried to find myself there, writing and publishing some books in almost all genres such as poetry, publishing, books with historical themes, but also in the novel, so it can be said freely that, besides the director/actor profession, I am also a poet and writer. 


  1. What is the name of you most popular book, project, or upcoming events?

The projects I have worked on and realized so far I want to distinguish some of them that have been evaluated by critics of the fields of art and literature: The show "He is Alive", performed during wartime and in wartime circumstances, on March 6, 1999. Book "Land Planted with Graves" Serbian Crimes in Kosovo 1997-1999. The book "Hasan Prishtina - Ideologue of the National Issue" and the Chronological Book "Prekazini generation of the brave – He is Alive", which has been translated into the languages: English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian and Spanish... 


  1. Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, stickers, or any other accomplishments you want to share with the world?


Yes, I was nominated and selected at three international festivals with the short film "Black City", also with the documentary film "Survival", until in 2012, at the International Poetry Festival "Drini poetic", my poetry was awarded by the jury with the first prize, also at the Literary Meetings "Don Mikeli 2012", My poetry was first place and was awarded the "Shen Jeronimi Illyrian Prize, then in 2013 the Diaspora Award – First Place in the International Literature Festival, in 2014 The first place in the artistic competition for the Day of martyrs of the nation, in 2015 Second place in the literary manifestation "Poetic Goods of Kosovo", in 2019, in the poetry competition in Tirana, the first prize, as well as in 2023, the second prize at the Nationwide Poetry Festival... 


  1. Kosta: What are your hobbies?

 I love sports, writing and the main thing is reading.


  1. What is the best thing about your accomplishments?

 Modesty and only modesty!!!


  1. Kostas: Share the links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place displaying your work.


Yes, now the computer world has made it easier for us to distribute artistic and literary creations. Some of my scientific and research work is published on the European academy website and the Albanian American Academy of Arts in New York, and my literary creations are distributed across many websites and in magazines such as Elite MaGazine, Sindh Courier-Palistan, Global Nation, Destination, Polis Magazino, Alessandria Today, Pena Craft Magazine, Atunis, Innsae, Le Muse, Kavya Kishor, Life Business New-Egypt, Kalomer Karukaj-India, The Daily Ajker Alokito Sokal, Friendship of Other People.


Kosta: Thanks for interviewing your time in the provision

Fylli: Thank you for the interview Mrs. Tamikio, as well as thank you to my friend and editor, Orfeu collaborator Mrs. Angela Kosta. Don't stop your health!



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