Francesca Gallello

Published on 13 February 2024 at 10:49



  1. Kosta: Introduce yourself (professional title such as author, novelist, poetry, publicist, etc.)


Gallello: I was born as a novelist, historical-social poet, screenwriter; I lead a small publishing house VELIERO and an online magazine SATURNO magazine where I give space to authors from all over the world. I wrote my first novel at the age of 9, then fairy tales and short stories without ever stopping. My passion for writing and for novels in particular makes me free to dream and live through my books, many lives, and many stories. My novels are always about love, because it's love that revolves around the world. 


  1. Kosta: What is the name of you most popular book, project, or upcoming events?


Gallello: I have written several books, the first book I published and which I am very fond of because I published it making many sacrifices, is called "BUT HE LOVED MADONNA" a love novel, a high school girl in love with a classmate but he is in love with Madonna, the beautiful Rock star, of course he has a happy ending. Then other novels followed, COME EDERA - LIKE EVY, DONNA ROSA - PINK WOMAN, in the book I talk about gender violence, a topic that interests me a lot because I deal with and commit myself to women's rights. LOVE AND DEATH IN CALABRIA BRIGANTA dedicated to brigandage set in the historical period of the Risorgimento. IL VIALE - THE AVENUE, a collection of historical and social poems, POESIE DELL'ANIMA - POEMS OF THE SOUL, OLTRE IL MARE - BEYOND THE SEA, written in bilingual with the Albanian author Nikolle Loka. Another book written in bilingual together with an author from Kosovo, Agim Desku, is about to be published and I am working on a novel together, again in bilingual together, with a very young Albanian writer Enea Loka. I made 2 Virtual Romances, which are photonovel-style novels but made directly on face book with profiles created by me through which the characters of the novel interact and live the story of the novel live on fib, while readers can interact with their characters and ask questions. The VIRTUAL ROMANCE was created for the first time in the world in 2012 by me and I repeated it for the second time with a new story in 2020. I would love to do it again in the future. In the meantime, I'm about to complete a fantasy of mine that I'd like to publish in the United States and it's a fantasy that comes from the idea of being able to present it and propose it to Netflix for a TV series.


  1. Kosta: Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, stickers, or any other accomplishments you want to share with the world?


Gallello: This is a question that embarrasses me because I have received many recognitions and awards in different countries of the world but I do not feel like naming them for fear of forgetting some of them and doing an injustice to those who generously awarded it to me, honoring me. There is, however, one prize for which I am infinitely grateful, and that is my family, whom I love very much and whom I thank God for giving me.





  1. Kosta: What are your hobbies?


Gallello: I love cooking, both sweet and savory; I even have a cooking blog and a fib page. I love to organize cultural events and literary salons in my living room, inviting poets, authors and artists. Among the hobbies I have a passion for the creation of light jewelry that I will soon turn into a brand, by light jewelry I mean jewelry created with materials that are not precious but of high quality, elegant costume jewelry for every occasion but accessible to everyone, the line of the brand will be called THE LEPPOLLINA and I think it will start in September.


  1. Kosta: What is the best thing about your accomplishments?


 Gallello: The best thing is to be able to make the stories of my stories known to more people, giving them the opportunity to dream and get away for a few hours from the problems of life, from the tiredness of everyday life, from sadness. It's also wonderful because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many people with thoughts and ideas with which to compare myself and make new friends. 


  1. Kosta: Share the links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place displaying your work.


 Gallello: Yes, I have various sites where people reach my literary path and also fiction and Saturn magazine.


Kosta: Thank you very much my for Interviews.


Gallello: Thank you very much for the opportunity.



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