Naila Hina

Published on 18 February 2024 at 08:05



1. Please, introduce yourself!

I am a poetess and publicist from Pakistan, a former Engineering University Instructor, an international award-winning author of hundreds of multilingual books, a publicist, a novelist, an editor and translator. I have been recommended for Nobel Prize for Literature 2022, 2023.


2. What is the name of your most popular book, project, or upcoming events?


Each of my published books holds a special place in my heart, like chapters of my creative evolution.  My first publication, that resonates with me the most, is my childhood poetry book like بہشت چار ساعت [A paradise of four moments ], works where I delved into mysticism and mysteries of love and nature of cosmos, crafting a narrative that challenged both the mind and the heart. It was even ordered and admired by the poet Sohail Iqbal, the president of the Bazm e Adab, Calgary, Canada and is supposedly present in the Calgary library.

I want to mention here also my poem Beauty And Sorrow written in 1992 which has been published worldwide in 39 different languages by famous poets of the world in Ithaca family. 

I am the first person who translated the poetry of the Father of Arabic poetry: Imru al Qays’  in Urdu language in my book: Heroic Tales.


3. Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, stickers, or any other accomplishments you want to share with the world?


Yes, I have won a lot of awards and certificates. Here are some of them:


  • Honorary Doctorates from various international organizations.
  • Best Writer of the decade and Best Collaborator Of the Decade Awards,
  • Best Director General Awards, World Press Agency
  • World Poetic Star Award and doctorates and Diplomas from World Literature Academy, StoryMirror, Grai Romanesc, World Poets Association, International academy for Culture development and peace etc.
  • Best Debator award in the interschool debate competition held at PACC, Pak American Cultural center, Karachi.
  • StoryMirror Author of the year nominations and other awards and certificates.


4.What are your hobbies?


Versatile and mercurial I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. I am highly creative in everything I do. Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, cooking, socializing, debating or simply talking or writing. Writing, for me, is a conduit for self-expression, a means to connect with others on a profound level. My soul dances and paints in writing. I write to explore the boundless realms of creativity, to articulate the profound and the ephemeral, and to share narratives that evoke a myriad of emotions. Specially Love. From “deer in the headlights” moments to finding the ultimate Truth.


5. What is the best thing about your accomplishments?


I believe that poetry is a potent tool for promoting peace in the world. Through the power of words, poetry can transcend cultural and linguistic differences, fostering empathy and understanding. It has the ability to inspire introspection, encourage dialogue, and cultivate a shared sense of humanity that transcends borders. My approach to the world of literature has been deeply rooted in the exploration of diverse themes and genres. My Literature appeals to everyone, regardless of culture, race, sex, and time limits. So what I write is more than just fantasies. It’s authentic and original. Poetry is a religion that connects all religions and everyone on deeper levels. All our needs are met. Then we can lead the humanity with sensitivity, warmth and love.


6. Share the links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place displaying your work.


All my books are available on all the big publishing houses worldwide, like Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Smashword, Kobo, Apple, Tolino, Vivlio, etc.


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