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Published on 13 February 2024 at 11:06



Today we bring readers the interview with the poet and writer Maria Pellino born in Sant'Agata dei Goti (Benevento - Italy). I currently live in Trezzo sull'Adda, Milan (Italy)


  1. Kosta: Introduce yourself (professional title such as author, novelist, poetry, publicist, etc.)


Hello Angela, my name is Maria Pellino; I am a poet, aphorist, writer, and educator. From a young age I wrote aphorisms, short maxims. Then, in 2013 I started writing poems, theatrical monologues, short stories and a novel.


I currently collaborate with the literary magazine "La Nuova Euterpe", with the blog "Alessandria Today" by Pier Carlo Lava, with "La Voce Agli Italiani" by Fiore Sansalone and the blog "Reportonline".


  1. Kosta: What is the name of your most popular book, project or event? 


There are various events that I consider fundamental in my path of cultural growth:


- To have participated in the International Odyssey of Poets event and to be present with my poems on Odyssey International Anthology of World Poets 2020 Published by Nurul Hoque and sent to Munir Mezyed Foundation for Art & Culture.


- The recognition of Ambassador of Peace thanks to poetry by the International organization World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights, (2021).

- The declamation of my poems at the conferences on feminicide in Palermo, organized by the Legion of the Knights Templar Frederick, (2019).


- Be a member of the jury of the global anthology of the Writers edition entitled "Poetry, language beyond borders."


  1. Kosta: Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, or other accomplishments that you want to share with readers?


Over the years I have received many national, European and international awards. Here is a partial list:


- Writers and Artists of the New Renaissance Award, First Prize for the Poem "Il Sogno", (2015)


- Writers and Artists of the New Renaissance Award, First Prize ex aequo for the poem "Un dolore", (2016)


- Mention of merit to the World Academy of Poetry at the Infinito 200 competition for poetry with an image dedicated to Leopardi's bicentenary of infinity, (2019)


- XII Navarro International Prize, First Prize ex aequo Silloge Inedita, (2021)

- Soul Expression Prize "The Voice of the Dark", First Prize ex aequo for the poem "Mi quieteto", (2022)


- Lifetime Achievement Award: Between Words and Infinity.


- Third prize at the International Inedita Galaxia Award, (2021)


- Press Prize at the Grimoaldo I competition with the collection Moti Interiori, ed. Vitale/


- Press Prize at the Grimoaldo I competition with the collection Riverberi di cuore, ed. Vitale.


- Awards for the photography section in various competitions such as at the Unicamilano Art Biennale (2019 - 2020), Third Prize.


- Youth Excellence Award awarded by the city of Trezzo sull'Adda - MI, (2023)


- Member of the ALBAP Academy – Academia Luso- Brasileira de Artes e Poesias.


- The prize certificate of the 10th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala in 2024.

I have published:


- "The Immense Curve of Dreams", poetic collection ed. L'Inedito Letterario.


- "Casimiro e gli Imbaculi" essay with the co-author Loris De Simone ed. L'Inedito Letterario. 


- A collection of poems entitled "The Court of the Universe ", ed. L'Inedito Letterario. 


- "Diana Lives Still", novel, ed. L'Inedito Letterario.



  1. Kosta: What are your hobbies?


Writing remains my passion and my lifesaver. I dabble in photography, in reading. I love walking and cooking. Volunteering and singing are an important part of my personality.



  1. Kosta: What's the best thing about your successes?


The gratitude of unknown people who find comfort, relief, hope by reading my poems.



  1. Kosta: Share links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place that showcases your work.


- As an accredited member of the Republic of Poets:


- Facebook Page:


- Instangram pensieri_di_mary:








I also bring you a partial list of articles that testify to my poetic path in the Gazzetta dell'Adda:








Here are some collaboration (format and radio):


My YouTube Channel”


Kosta: Thank you for the interview. I wish you much success in your literary journey and more. 

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator, journalist 



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