Magical Night By Adelina Pali

Published on 8 December 2022 at 15:52

Magical Night By Adelina Pali

Magical Night By Adelina Pali
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ADELINA PALI was born in Tirana, on July 1, 1982.

- He completed his higher studies by correspondence at the "Aleksander Xhuvani" University in Elbasan, for the Language and Literature branch.

-In 2001-2004 she worked as a teacher.

-In 2005 he left Albania and settled in Crete, Greece.

-In 2018, she decided to return to her hometown together with her family, and began to realize her abandoned dream, that of writing.

-She started writing since 1998.

-In 2020, she started posting her writings on social networks online, where she was very successful.

-In February 2021, he published his first book of poems entitled "PA TY".

In April 2022, it comes with its second volume


-At the moment, she is self-employed in her two businesses, that of aesthetics and the boutique, as well as cultivating her passion for painting.

- She is a participant in many literary events and has been awarded prizes such as:

"Gratitude" to the "Azem Shkreli" activity in Peja and the "Fran Tanushi" award from the Mirdita Academy.

Acknowledgment in the "Ora e Maleve" activity in Rozhaj!

Acknowledgment in the literary activity "Poetic meetings in Sharr" Tetovo.

-At the same time, he is engaged in several humanitarian projects to help poor families with clothes and food, as well as in the long-term project for "Expansion of Libraries in prisons.

To date, 7 activities have been closed, including the one in Pristina.


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