Autumn By Ifigenia Metochi

Published on 9 December 2022 at 13:20

Autumn By Ifigenia Metochi

Autumn By Ifigenia Metochi
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Ifigenia Metochi was born in Limassol in 1974. She graduated from the High Shool “Peter and Paul Lyceum” (Division of Classical Studies).

In Athens she received a Diploma in Jewellery (Silver-and-Gold Design and Creation). Furthermore she is a self-taught painter; she illustrates and designs covers of books. In 1988 she was awarded by the “Seul Olympic Arts Festival” with “The World School Children’s Art Exhibition”.

She talks fluently French, English and Spanish.

She started writing poetry since she was young. She adores the sea, which since then remains the source of her inspiration in writing and art.

She was Treasurer of the Limassol Litterateur Society “Vasillis Michaelides” since the establishment of the 2003. Since 2020 is the General Secretary of the Limassol Litterateur Society “Vasillis Michaelides”. With the Society of Writers of Limassol "Vassilis Michaelidis" in recent years they publish the magazine "Anerada" where she belong to the editorial board of the Magazine "Anerada" which published in Limassol and distributed all over the world.

She is also Member of the Coordinating Team for Cultural Activities of Limassol, Member of the PEN (Greece Chapter), Member of the Intellectual Group of Limassol, of the National Society of Greek Writers of Cyprus,  Member of the Spiritual Cycle of Limassol, Member of  ΕΠΟΚ, recently she became Member of the Hellenic Cyprus Cultural Association (ΣΠΕΚ).

She is also Member of the Writers Capital International Foundation, Member of Writers’ Union and Selected  Editor in Cyprus for Anthology of Poems (A book of poems of Writers across the Globe) by Chief Editor Matin Bangali.

Writers’ Union with Chief Editor Matin Bangali offered her cooperation to be Member – Secretary of Amaravati Poetry Festival 2022 in Dhaka.

Ambassador of Cyprus for the Poetry, Language of the Soul (P.L.O.T.S) - the Creatives Magazine

Also, Poetry and Literature World Vision, been nominated and chosen her to be Cyprus Program Secretary

In addition, she has been elected as Vice-president of the International Association for Hunger and Founding Member of the Limassol Association of Music and Poetic Arts "Mousagetis Apollo".

Some of her poems, short stories and articles have been awarded in Literature Contests in Greece as well as in a wider region, translated and published in different languages and have been included in Anthologies and published in literature Magazines.

She is a Lyricist. ( writes lyrics, which have been set to music by her daughter, who is a musician, and who sings them). Some have also been uploaded to YouTube. Now they are preparing to release it on CD.

In 2003 she published her Selection of Poems titled “Adolescent thoughts”, in 2008 her Selection of Short Stories titled “Of the Sea and the Sun” and in 2021 her stories on memory and tradition, “Painting touches of sea”.

 Selected Director Administrator as Online Program Secretary of Poetry and Literature World Vision

In September 2022 create the Group of “Poetry Unites Nations and People”.

As a Founder/Executive Director of the Project, (Poetry people International Festival – Limassol 2023) with the help of Mbizo Chirasha organize and creative the Website of the Group, with Mbizo Chirasha to be the Creative Director/Resident Curator and Antrea Panagiotou the Artistic Manager.


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