The Top List By Mirije Vrangalla

Published on 9 December 2022 at 14:19

The Top List By Mirije Vrangalla

Mirije Vrangalla was born on January 1988 in Kërçova, North Macedonia. She completed the primary and secondary school in Kërçova. She graduated in English Language and Literature at the State University of Tetova and she completed postgraduate studies in Educational Management and Leadership at the South East European University. She’s Member of the Organization for Youth Development 'Factor' Kërçovë and also co-founder of the Albanian Writers' Club ‘Penestia’, Kërçovë.

She is the author of two poetic volumes:

“Shadow” (poetry), 2015;

"Yarn Ball of Thoughts" (poetry), 2019.

The Top List By Mirije Vrangalla
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