Over The Ocean by Angela Kosta


"OVER THE OCEAN" is a journey into Flavia's thoughts at the moment she meets her greatest love. Angela Kosta's writing reveals her fears, enthusiasm, anguish, lightheartedness: an alternation of emotions always experienced with intense passion and a man incapable of recognizing love or perhaps, more simply, scared of happiness. An unusual and sincere, delicate and brutal portrait of the female world.



Angela Kostawasborn in the city of Elbasan, butcurrentlyshelives in Italysince 1995. Sheis the author of severalnovels, books of poems and fairytales, two of whichshedonated the profit to the ONLUS Association for the scientificresearch of Sclerosis Laterale Amiotrophica ( SLA) and the Daniele Chianelli Association for scientificresearch on Leukemia in adults and children. SheisDeputyDirector&Deputy Editor-in-Chiefat Albania Press, writesarticles for Calabria Live Newspaper, Saturno Magazine, Confidenze, Alessandria Today, and alsocollaborates and translates in Newspapers: Dritare, Rrënjet - Le Radici, Nacional, Destinacioni, AlbSpirit, Approach - Approccio, Sprint News Al, Cicero, Orpheus Magazine, Psychology Magazine, Atunis, etc...

Albanian, Italian, American, Greek, Indian, Poloni, Spain, Bengali, Lebanese, Arab, Brazil, Portuguese, etc. media havepublishedmanyarticlesaboutherliteraryactivity.

We are mentioning some of them...

GazetaDielli, Gazeta Diaspora, Albanian of Italy, Albania Letteraria, GazetaDestinacioni, "Alb-Spirit" portal, Obelisk magazine, GazetaNacional, Atv.it, "Il Corriere dell'Umbria" newspaper, "La Nazione" newspaper; Il Messaggero, "Vivo Umbria", "Il Quotidiano d'Italia", "Umbria 7", "QN - La Nazione", Italy Press 24, la Rivista "Confidenze", "Informazione Locale - Umbertide" "Umbria 24", Alessandria Today, Élite Magazine, Polis, Himalaya Darly, National Global, etjer...

Angela KostahasreceivedmanyCertificates of Appreciation and Honor from the Royal Palace in Lebanon Princess Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem and manyprestigiousnewspapers and magazines.