Joyotirmaya Thakur

Published on 13 February 2024 at 11:02



1. Please, introduce yourself.


I am a retired Principal of Cambridge affiliated school, bilingual author, poet, columnist, researcher, translator, reviewer, editor, motivational speaker, philanthropist, environmental, social and cultural activist. I serve on various prestigious Committees as Ambassador and Adviser for literary and humanitarian organisations. Brand Ambassador for National and International magazines.



2. What is the name of your most popular book, project, or upcoming events?


My most popular books are in the series of soulful collections, ‘Unimaginable Spaces’ and the “Beauty of Peninsula ‘in the series on Womanism. My project is a collection of my motivational speeches and quotes to publish in a Journal format.

My most popular project is a collaboration between global poets in the Anthology - Poetry Beyond Borders series which is ongoing for 3 years.



3. Have you won any awards, certificates, honors, stickers, or any other accomplishments you want to share with the world?


I have won around 700 certificates of appreciation, honoured as Goodwill Ambassador for many literary and humanitarian organisations.

Ambassador of Humanity of HPAW, Ghana.

Universal Ambassador of Art & Culture of the Writers and Artist union of Tarija, Bolivia and Latin American Union of Writers association endorsed by UNESCO. Endorsed in their historical book - ‘Luminous Lives' of the Union.

Honorary counsellor of the NGO -Friendship with the World and 'Sneh'- foundation for tribal girls & and women empowerment for the destitute.

Ambassador of Global Peace Councils of World Wide Organisation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption, UK branch and Director of Communication of Mumbai, India.

The first Indian origin woman to be Vice -President of the parliament of the World Union of Writers and Poets, Italy from January 2019 to 2022.  President of the Indian National Group and Ambassador of SAP, Poland. I am the International Ambassador for Global Peace Let’s Talk, UK.

I have been featured as "A Woman of Essence " by Dotism Journal, Australia. "Woman of Excellence " and in the 'Gems' series by the World Pictorial Poetry forum, Daman. I have been featured in -'The World Contemporary English Poets' anthology by Paschim Bangla English Academy. Featured as Modern Poets in Silk Road Anthology Ancient Egyptian. She received the 'Super Granny Award' from the Indian Inspiring Women group in London in the Parliament House, Westminster.



4. What are your hobbies?


I love travelling, reading, listening to music, watching movies and shows in the theatre. I also love cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Being a Philanthropist I love to work as a Samaritan and visit NGO’s, specially of destitute women and children.


5. What is the best thing about your accomplishments?


The best thing about all my literary or humanitarian accomplishments is that I enjoy the activities of both kinds immensely as I am passionate about literature, culture, nature and creative pursuits. Appreciation is a byproduct and I get to meet a lot of likeminded and beautiful people.



6. Share the links to your books, pages, websites, blogs, or any place displaying your work.


Amazon link of my books:-


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